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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tangier Island - 1

Several years ago Steve and I took a boat from Reedville Va. to Tangier Island which sits out in the middle of Chesapeake Bay.  A plane or boat will get you there.    It's about one by three miles long . Captain John Smith first visited the island in 1608.  Settlers came from England in 1620.
I love hearing the natives speaking beautiful Elizabethan English.
All who visit are made to feel very welcome .   Beautiful island , peaceful and laid back .   We enjoyed touring  by bike and on foot, golf carts can be rented also.   The crime rate is zero and is an alcohol free island.

Making our way from Marina

 this picture as we were pulling in to the dock.

We stayed here at Shirley's bay view inn and will want to stay here the next time we visit which I am hoping will be soon. 
We had breakfast at this end of the inn

We were met at the boat by golf cart which took us to the inn to check in

This restaurant has great seafood
nice homes
I have shared some photos about the island in the past, but have more to post - will do that in the next few


  1. We've also been to Tangier Island, which is a must trip at least once for most folks living here on the VA eastern shore. We took a day ferry fron neighboring Onancock, VA and have made the trip twice in past years. We also rented a bike to ride around the island.

  2. What a lovely island I had never heard of. The inn is really charming.


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