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Monday, August 19, 2013

Brick fences

King William county  courthouse in Va.

King William County
Named for  William the 3rd,  King of England, Scotland and Ireland
April 11, 1689 to March 19, 1702

In 1840 when the courthouse was enlarged,  a brick wall was also built to keep poultry  and livestock away from the court green.  
 This is a fence I would love to be able to have around my property.

Piazza or collonade imitating the first colonial capital in williamsburg va.

so nice the curve of the wall around the green

Confederate Monument dedicated here in 1904

I am sharing with Fridays Fences


  1. Love all of that brickwork -- a beautiful location.

  2. A fine series of this unusual place. Love the wall. I can see why you'd like one around your property.

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  4. I finally got around to making one of them into a floating shelf, and I'm kind of loving the interest it adds to the wall. privacy fence cost


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