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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pot roast

A snowy and rainy Saturday and good day for staying in and just being lazy.   I seem to be really good at that lately.  
  Steve wanted Yankee pot roast after seeing it mentioned in an old sitcom - Newhart   the one about the New England bed and breakfast.   Nice change from the same old stuff on t.v. lately.
 So  off to the grocery store to buy  a shoulder roast,  carrots, onions , garlic and forgot the celery, so it was left out.
I looked through Yankee pot roast recipes on web and in cook books I have.  Each one has a different slant on what makes Yankee pot roast.  Several recipes call for red wine, but traditional Yankee pot roast doesn't call for it, from articles I read anyway.    Yankee pot roast calls for veggies added halfway through cooking time and other types of pot roast recipes add at the beginning.  

After reading over about 5 recipes I made my own Yankee pot roast.

I dredged  beef in flour - eye of round, I use any type really.   Browned bacon, removed bacon to paper towel to drain.   To drippings in pan I added a little olive oil (I took out some of the bacon drippings - didn't want that much of it to brown the meat)

browned meat in drippings and oil - removed to a plate.

I added some butter and olive oil to pan to saute onions til translucent - added garlic - little brown sugar - about 1 T.  rosemary and 1t.  thyme with  a few shakes of Worcestershire sauce.   Salt and Pepper
a cup of water with a quart of my canned tomatoes and lemon juice  is added -I usually always add lemon juice to my vegetables,  soups and stews like this one - next  flour mixed to thicken a little.       Added the browned beef and cooked on 350 for about 2 hours.  

Red skin potatoes, about 8 small,  they hold together better than other types of potatoes.
Added also is a pound of carrots,  package of  mushrooms ( my  idea as I love them is stews).
Onions ( I cut in large pieces 2 medium).   The bacon bits goes in at this point also.
Placed back in oven for another hour.    I checked after an hour and the veggies still needed to cook another 15 minutes.  (I turned the heat up about 10 degrees higher at this point)  just to move them along.

while that cooks - a picture of the roses Steve got me for Valentines day

and a pot of Tulips that my grand daughter  Adalyn picked out for me - with mom and dads help, very thoughtful of them

Soups On - The scent of the spices made their way down to the den , time to eat.
all done and tastes  wonderful - even without the celery.

I wish the pictures were less blurry.   the steam coming from the food made them like that.

well now off to the bookstore to have coffee and select a book to read
Happy Sunday


  1. Hi Betsy, Your meal looks so delicious! I need you here to cook for me. *winks* Have a great week. Gina

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! My family would LOVE this!

  3. Your pot roast looks Great! I have recently discovered grass fed beef and have been serving it to my family more. I found your recipe while search for roast recipes and I'm going to try it.

  4. Your Yankee Pot Roast looks great. I'm pretty new to grass fed beef but have been serving it more to my family. I found your recipe while searching grass fed roast recipes. I think my family is going to love this.


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