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Thursday, February 7, 2013

My visit to Germany in 2007

Schweinfurt in German means Swine Ford.   It's a city located in the German state of Bavaria. 

I visited Schweinfurt Germany where my daughter and her family lived for a few years.
My visit was  in late October thru early November 2007 .   A trip I thoroughly enjoyed.    I hope to go back again sometime,  beautiful place.   Everyone I met was friendly and very helpful when trying to make our way around.  Here at Frankfurt airport after a pleasant plane ride

Excited to be here finally.    Very early you can see by the time on the clock.

while chatting with Annette -  John and Seth got us coffee - best I have had in a long time.

Here is Annette and I couldn't wait to see their home .  My daughter got her license to drive there so she enjoyed taking the autobahn, I did too. I like the way the signs read from bottom to top, unlike the freeway signs here read top to bottom.

One thing I noticed as I made my way up the stairs is the gorgeous view from a window in the landing.
small kitchen,  but we were cooking so doesn't matter the size as we utilized every inch of counter space.  you can see lots going on here.

early up the next morning
My sweet grandson getting ready for school - he has surely grown since then
boarding his school bus
off he goes -----

 See those shutters on the windows in homes above,  I love them.    The roll up into this holding area at the top, and when pulled down over the windows at night,  it was total darkness.  I wouldn't mind having them as you wouldn't have to close curtains and didn't matter how sheer they would be ,  the shutters when pull,  closed off any view what so ever. 
I loved the windows too.  Seth and I liked to position them with a little opening at the top so we could hear the  soothing sound of the wind in the valley every night,  I  slept so soundly here.

Annette and I enjoyed the apples from the tree above of her neighbor who shared generously with us and gave us ideas on what to cook with them. 
you can see in the distance a cemetery.   Annette and I walked down to the village shopping area to get meat for the day and stopped here to take a look.   Well taken care of and always some kind of beautiful arrangement for the deceased.   Candles were always lit and there was a machine where you could place money and buy a candle to put in the holder when burnt out.
You can see burning candles on the graves.  Much respect shown for the dead.

live flowers planted here
touring around near the area where  Annette and her family live

driving out from her neighborhood I noticed immaculate  gardens and yards

You can see pretty color of vegetation at this late time in the year - should be able to click on  picture to get a closer image
 coming home after a morning out on a beautiful day
 I took this picture as we were leaving the area of Annette's neighborhood
I have some of the castle too,  will share another time.


  1. Hello Betsy, I enjoyed the tour. I've never been out of the country, so for me, this is a treat. The shutters on the windows sound like really good ideas. The school bus being red surprised me, I guess I thought all school buses were yellow all over the world. (I'm naive, lol.) I bet your grandson has changed a lot in the last six years. Surely we don't age as fast as the youngsters grow up. At least I hope not.

    I also enjoyed your earlier posts about the barns, too.

  2. What fabulous photo's! I especially love the cemetery! What a wonderful trip!

  3. Love seeing photos of your trip --especially the beautiful gardens and architecture. We visited Austria several years ago and the scenery reminded me of our visit. Your grandson is a cutie!


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