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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wedding photos

Here is Mom and my sister Lynn
I think Lynn is probably around 3 maybe ( not sure) but I like the picture and it's a good one of Mama and Lynn  together.

I never posted  wedding pictures of Lynn and Randy's wedding in May 2011.   I did post a picture of the cupcake holder I made for the wedding in and earlier post,  but here are a few pics now.
sister in laws setting up

Our brother died the previous September,  but his presence was felt.   He made the two wooden stands that the greenery and flowers were setting on.    
Everyone pitched in and help bring it all together
Randy and his brother at the table 
Mr and Mrs
Lynn made her wedding dress and hair piece
Turned out very well
Mom on left in front and Randy's Mom on left behind Mom
Reception afterwards and when I get my photos in order ,  I will post them.

Lynn  left today to join Randy in Maine where they are making their home.
Maine is a beautiful state and they are working on restoring a home together that was built in 1870, I hope she takes before and after shots of the work they are doing.

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  1. What a lovely wedding, the dress is amazing. I sew a bit, but have never tried to make a wedding gown. I think it's fantastic the whole family pitched in and worked together. Must have made the bride and groom feel great.


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