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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baby Shower

I held a baby shower at my home last Sunday for Miranda - my daughter in law.   She is due on Dec. 11 and the baby is a girl.  There are 3 grandsons and now a little grand daughter on the way.

Miranda brought me some beautiful flowers and the lillies scented the room.   Gorgeous flowers.

Some pictures of the shower
musical baby blocks
great grandma gave her this,  so cute
I made this cake,   I like these better than the store bought ones.  Cream cheese filling between the layers.
Cream cheese frosting on top with heavy whipping cream.   The whipping cream ,  cream cheese and confectioners sugar made it take so good.   It was a 3 layer white cake.
She got so many nice things,  part of the bassinet in pix she received.  

you can see part of a balloon pacifier I made in window
Hard to believe mom will be 90 next month , 11/23

A game we played measuring Miranda's waist and see who comes the closest

Jenn ad Steven in Hawaii and couldn't be here,  they sent this beautiful frame and sweet clothes
for baby

first Christmas ornament from great grandma

Annette sent a  bottles and baby clothes.   She couldn't be here as she lives in Arizona.   I wish we had them all in the same place,  miss'em
Amy my niece also sent baby a gift and she lives in Nashville.   Very thoughtful of them all and cant wait to see them soon.
Missed Jessica , lynn and  Rachel .   They sent lovely gifts and much appreciated .
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  1. Wow, that cake looks delicious. I always prefer homemade cakes, to store bought. The more love put into it, the better it tastes! Looks like everyone enjoyed the shower!

  2. What a fun shower! Have fun with that baby girl when she comes. I sure enjoy our 2 grandsons.


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