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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

paper flowers

I saw some paper flowers in a gift shop about 6 months ago .   I decided the other day to try to make some for myself.   I copied some small print and then cut in the shape of petals.  Green wire I cut in lengths , any length you want and placed in between the petals with white glue.  Let'em dry.  Six is what I used for each flower.   Stamens I found at Michael's.
cut and placed wire in between papers.
I brushed some glue on the petals and sprinkled glitter on them to give a little shimmer. Spray adhesive would have probably been less messy.

I decided to outline the edges with this glitter glue
I started winding them together and then dotted the center with glue to hold stamens
after all dry,  the floral tape is wrapped around all of the wire after I twist it together.

I will make some more to go with these, maybe even give them leaves.

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  1. What a wonderful idea! The flowers are just beautiful and to think they're made of paper...

    I also enjoyed your older posts about the baby shower (your mom looks Amazing!) and the trip to the gardens. Love the stone work there.

    And your cake, yum, yum!


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