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Sunday, September 4, 2011

autumn beauty

I guess besides springtime, the autumnal time of year runs a close first for being my favorite season
The cold months can be miserable at times,  I really don't think I would want to live without the four seasons like we have here in Virginia.   Not yet any way,  I may change my mind as I get older.
On my walk around the yard,  I took some pictures of flowers that are giving a beautiful end of season flowering
I don't recall the name of this one,   I bought it late and didn't know it would bloom

.   A showy plant with beautiful purple pink color of leaves
can always count on this one to grow and bloom nicely no matter what the weather,
mom always called it moss rose,  the portulaca

geranium fizzling out

my favorite hibiscus,  I believe I heard it called swamp hibiscus (not sure of that )

potato vine with a puny geranium

one lonesome bloom on the hydrangea bush

purple basil grows very large and so fragrant

I cut the petunias back very often,   keeps them lush and not so leggy.  They grow back over night it seems
There is basil in pot with them

Love this tea rose.   The color of it shimmers in the light, my favorite

This rose is the prettiest in spring and now autumn,  it is  monthly rose but is not this pretty in summer

keeping the  trimming up to force a shape
I dug this one up from under a bush that sprouted new growth
hope it continues to thrive

time to plant some mums


Denise said...

Hi Betsy,

So glad you enjoyed seeing the "oreo cows". :) There is a place in North Carolina near Chapel Hill called Fearrington House at Fearrington Village, and they have these interesting cows there. Thanks for signing up to follow House at Forest Manor; I'm now following your blog as well. Have a great week!

Denise at Forest Manor

Betsy said...

I will definitely have to check those cows out the next time I go there. My sister and I were in Chapel Hill about 4 years ago to do some family research in the library on campus. Loved the area.

Karen said...

Your sweet potato vine looks amazing waterfalling down the side of the building. I should get into the habit of trimming my petunias more often, too, just was never sure exactly how much to cut back.

Your roses are looking so healthy, too. Mine sure suffered this year. I agree with you, even though winters are harsh around here and long, I still love the change of seasons. I think if I had to garden 12 months out of the year, I'd be completely worn out.