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Friday, September 23, 2011

flowers and glass

On a previous post my grandson and I visited gardens that had glass sculpture among the plantings..    I have started collecting these water balls so I could put some glass in my garden too.  Not as fancy as the blown glass in the garden at Ginter  but it's still glass and I like it,  I want to find some brighter colors maybe.

Last year I visited Monticello and purchased seeds that were harvested from the plantings there.   This one I like is called the Prickly Poppy - grown in Jefferson's garden.
I hope more will come up next year from the seed maybe dropped from this plant.

June  18 1767  - Jefferson recorded in his garden book that Argemone  put out one flower at his Shadwell garden.      Mexican Argemone grows two feet and has delicate looking pale lemon flowers.
The leaves are prickly and are striped.
Looks like an alien face on the bud ready to open

this tea rose is prettiest now in the fall ,  must like the cooler weather.

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