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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Garden shop in the mountains

Our drive to Quicksburg Va for apples, look at shrine Mont and covered bridge a few weeks back, took us almost past a  nice garden and artsy shop.
 I love outdoor art and this place had so much that the 45 minutes we spent there wasn't enough.  I bought two frogs, like we needed more frogs.  My husband loves frogs.

 metal snowmen

 paper stars
 nice window in the fence
 foot prints

My guess -" when ya need a hand"
 very nice stone bldg.
 twigs designed to hold on to gazing ball

neat looking


  1. Such fun looking goodies. I found your blog via the blog hop party. I am adding you to my blog roll. Looking forward to visiting often.

  2. Oh some really neat ideas there! I liked the window in the fence and those metal snowmen are adorable! Thanks for joining my blog hop - I'll be back for more visits!


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