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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Sunday

Been a while since I posted due to death of my brother.   So glad to finally feel like doing so.
I made a wreath for my door yesterday,  probably will make another before the day is over, I am not to happy with this one, but I used what I had.   Notice the  reflection of the trees in the door glass, so glad I cleaned my windows too.

Roses store, here in town had the most beautiful Mums - can't beat the price of 3 for 10 dollars

here are two little ones I hung near my  lamp post
with violas

This red one- I purchased 2 seasons ago.  Can't  believe it survived and bloomed like it has.

Through the Garden Gate is where I purchased these two vintage pics.   The glass is convex and they cost me $9.00 for the pair,  one of them in the corner had a piece of glass that was broken out,  a very small area.  I just liked them and didn't care about the break.

I painted these little urns grey,  then sprayed some camouflage beige paint on them
Inside are sticks and a  tiny pumpkin.  I sprayed some leaves that fell to the ground with clear spray.
a piece of burlap is in there also.
The  next two are without the flash, I had to enhance them
Sort of like the effect

I am off to get some more sticks outside to decorate some large pots in the house.


Anonymous said...

I like your beautiful wreath. It's very reflective of the season. I can't believe those gigantic mums were so inexpensive!


Lady Farmer said...

Hi Betsy!
So glad you stopped by my blog today! I hope you found what you were looking for ~ about Lavender.
I think your wreath is very pretty ~ perfect for your doorway for Autumn!
Your Mums are lovely ~ what a great price you got them for! And, I just love those silhouette pictures. I have a couple that were my grandmother's. I have looked for some on Ebay, but they are just way too expensive for me. You got yours for a great price, too! You are a very creative lady with all of the wreaths, potted plants and decorative urns!
Thanks again for stopping by and for your sweet comment.

Mary said...

Hello Betsy,
I was happy to see your kind comment - always nice when new people stop by. Here, I find that you are a very creative lady - the wreath is beautiful - and and I love how you fixed the urns....I LOVE urns!

The sad part is reading that you recently lost a dear brother who, from what I read, was a very special gentleman. You do have wonderful memories, along with great pics from your childhood days with him and your siblings, these will help you weather the sad times hopefully.

My thoughts are with you. Keep in touch - Virginia is not far off, perhaps some day we'll meet at one of those thrift shops - what fun!

Mary - A Breath of Fresh Air