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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A day with Mom and Donna

My mom, sister Donna and I went to visit Amy (Donna's daughter) a few weeks back who is in college at JMU.   Along the way we had lunch at the Hickory Notch grill,  yum mm.   We had to  make  a stop at the  Horton winery,  Mom and Donna tasted some wine and checked out the beautiful roses blooming in the front entrance. 

beautiful stained glass hanging above table
back patio for dining outside

fireplace near our table

I like the way that a tree limb is used to hold the curtain valance
beautiful view of the blue ridge mountains in Va. - Horton Winery

entrance to winery

mom heading inside after stopping to smell the roses

Donna and Mom
 Grandma, Amy and Donna in Amy's room
Mom will be 89 - November the 23 and she still made it up 3 flights of steps to Amy's apt.
Pretty darn good I should say.

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  1. That was a fun day. Your pictures turned out really good. What about the picture of you and Mom together? We need to visit more vineyards. There are a lot heading towards the mountains.


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