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Monday, September 6, 2010

Garden Sphere is finished - finally!

I started working on this about 6 weeks ago .    I may change the color, don't know yet.
I won't be carting it around much as this thing is a little heavy.

I purchased  a beach ball from the dollar tree and by the way, don't count on these beach balls lasting any amount of time  for the beach,  this one had a pinhole in it,  anyway  I put Vaseline on the ball so the wall patch and cement would not stick, the ball has to come out.   The opening needs to be large enough to pull the deflated beach ball out once it's hardened.

took a while to build up the layers and the cement would slide off , so I did little sections at a time.
Maybe there is an easier way , but this is how I did it.

another little section left.  I have it sitting in a little plastic bucket to dry
It can be sanded to be made smoother,  I sanded some but not much.
I put some sparkles on it.  Not sure where I will place it in the garden area, but will come up with something.


  1. What a great recycle. Lovely blog. Nice work. I'm smilin!


  2. Looks like a lot of work. It sure turned out pretty.


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