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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Feels like autumn already

The leaves were falling today, well dead ones anyway.  I have started raking up pretty green acorns in my azaleas,   maybe the squirrels are knocking them off the trees.  
I  have two types of flowers left and that is this vine - I do not know the name.  I do somehow manage to buy the seeds from Walmart for the past two years and  plant them.  I guess the name never grabbed me,  the flower is pretty and the little hummingbirds love it.   I hope I can get a picture of him before the season is over.

vigorous climber

beautiful flower that the hummingbirds love
maybe it's a hummingbird vine - I don't know

My zinnias

My hydrangea wreath with a few zinnias
I wired them on after I picked them from the garden
and let them dry on the wreath
Oh look - The twins are back,  aren't they adorable?  I have been watching them for two days hanging out together on the flowers.  Lil camera hogs.

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