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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vanishing structures

One of the things I enjoyed doing when I was visiting  my daughters home in Tn. was to take long rides into the country side .   Such a pleasant day and the beautiful fields planted with tobacco and corn.   About 25 minutes to Kentucky, so much  green grass and little blue flowers. 
  In the landscape, stately standing were beautiful old barns.  Much labor and love it must have taken  to construct one.  Today they are far and few between, vanishing from the countryside.  
My daughter and son in law love to fix up old houses.  I would love to see them fix up an old barn.
two barns in Big Rock Tn.

Ky barn

on the way to Hopkinsville , KY
Big Rock


  1. There is something about the Tennessee/Kentucky area that draws me. I think there is a sense of age and timelessness there that I don't quite pick up in other places. I'm looking forward to my visit out that way next year.

  2. I am in N. Alabama,,for some reason,,anyhow I too love finding wonderful old barns and buildings to photograph, that is,,,when I can get my hubby to stop. ;)
    I read you are 2 hours away from the ocean,,how nice for you to be so close. I do miss the ocean....
    Take care in the storms that are bound to come with the hurricane.
    I do like your music!

  3. Bonjour ~ Yay! Another kindred fall-loving spirit. I'm soo ready for the crunching! These old barns are amazing ~ I love your photos. Happy you stopped by, and I appreciate your comments! Have a beautiful week. Merci ~ Chelle

  4. Hi Betsy, I'm glad you like my post about my patio..I just love my new curtains...they're so pretty when they blow in the breeze. :)
    I love this post on old ky/tn barns. I LOVE KY...lived here my entire life and plan on never leaving! unless God has a different plan than I do..I always want to be doing His will and not mine :0) I do enjoy the old barns that are still standing...I always hate it when one finally succumbs to the elements and falls down...or worse, torn down. I live right smack in the middle of horse country and I get to see some unbelievable sights when it comes to barns, stables and horses. It's all so lovely!
    I really enjoyed your post..hope you'll visit me again!


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