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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Visiting Tennessee - Indian Mound Church and Big Rock area

I am visiting my daughter and grandson here in Big Rock Tn.  and enjoying every moment of it
Attended church services with my daughter and grandson for the first time here at the Indian Mound Methodist Church on Sunday. It was their homecoming revival service.   Enjoyed the  service and friendly people.  I didn't bring my bible because most churches I attend have pamphlet's on the service to go by.  Here one actually opens the Bible to follow along.     Music was enjoyed by a gospel bluegrass group from Cadiz Ky..    Real people speaking about real happenings and how through the Grace of God learn to live and cope in this sometimes crazy world.

below is the first church which is next to the Indian Mound Church
This was used by the Masonic lodge and the Indian Mound UMC
built around 1834
Top floor was masonic lodge use
bottom floor used by Church
Big Rock TN. is named after  a large Limestone rock that used to be on a hill by the old Methodist Church,  which now is the Big Rock Church of Christ.  
The rock had to be moved because of fear of falling -It  was sitting on the hill behind the  church and  was100 feet tall and 100 feet wide, it has since been moved to a new location.  There used to be a small cave opening in the rock which led to an underground lake where there were fish with no eyes.
This info taken from a book on the History of Stewart county.

Little creek down the street from the church

Next door to the church is a memorial to a lady who used to live on this spot
The front steps shown are in the original spot and some  foundation to the home is present

Memoriam to her on her front step

pump house and shed still standing

Long shot of Memoriam

Walking the neighborhood up  a hill and around is
this home in the side of the hill
another neighborhood home
fire dept
post office down the lane
Massive old oak in neighborhood

as we are venturing out,  this old barn on side of road

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