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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Picture of floorcloth and some pretty bottles

Floor cloth finished.  I made a few mistakes and I know what I did wrong. The next one should be a little easier.  
I have it under my dining table for the moment.   Thinking about giving it to my daughter to use in her hallway.

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I have these bottles on my dining table, the light shining through the windows and through the colored bottles made me  want to get a picture, so here it is.

close up of my peony
container of fringe flower


  1. Hi Betsy - thank you for the compliments on my Mary statue. Don't you just love Corey's blog? Oh my gosh, she writes so beautifully! And the salad is sooooo good! My daughter actually made it this weekened and posted it on her blog, too! It was a hit at a bbq party she went to.

    I LOVE your floorcloth! I've often thought of painting one for under my dining room table - yours is just stunning!!!

    Have a wonderful week!


  2. beautiful Blog. Beautiful floor cloth. You are blessed with many gifts. When are you going to open a shop for your unique work?

  3. The floorcloth is unbelievable. Amazing. I know you want to give it to Annette--but I say--make her another one. It looks good under your table. I went to yard sales also on Saturday--bought a couple of things---didn't see a desk or lamp though. I love the lamp. It would go in my bedroom also. Pretty good bargains I must say.

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  5. Floorcloths are wonderful! You can find all kinds of info and supplies for making them at


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