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Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Pictures

Some pictures I took outside yesterday , a pretty Spring day.   Here is the picture of my volunteer Pansey , beautiful bloom.  They come back every year.

 daffodils blooming in the woods, these are the ones I separated last year from my flower bed, because it was overcrowded.

I bought this primrose 3 years ago at Walmart and planted it outside and it always comes back.
The Crocus is a surprise,  don't know where it came from.

Lavender needs to be taken out of this pot,  going on the 3rd season.

I just thought the color of the moss was pretty growing on this broken cinderblock.

I am stenciling Magnolia blossoms on my floorcloth.   

another picture of floorcloth.

Til next time,  Have a good day.


The Stylish House said...

Your photographs are lovely! I can’t get over how that moss grew so perfectly it really looks like a frame. I haven’t seen much of anything blooming in my neck of the woods yet. Now that floor cloth is a big WOW. It looks fantastic, I’m really impressed. You did a beautiful job, very professional. The colors work perfect and the large magnolia’s are striking. Your stained glass a few posts downturned out very nice also and I adore that stone birdie. You have been a busy gal.

Lady Katherine said...

I love the floor cloth, I always wanted to do one. The moss is great! I love your old iron chair! I love the stained glass,always wanted to make a rooster stained glass. I love Virgina! I traveled/worked all over there. Love the antique shops there. I stayed there for months. Thanks for visiting me on my Tea Time Tuesday!

Fuchsienrot said...

So beautiful pictures! :-)
LG Angelika