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Monday, March 8, 2010

Beautiful getting things done kind of Monday

So pretty and pleasant today.  I did some laudry and hung to dry. 
 I want to mosaic my cement bird, finish some stained glass projects.  I have the metal chair that is left from last year.  

I did start the canvas floor cloth.  I will put a design on that as soon as it is totally dry. I am still not sure what design as yet.

will mosaic

Need to finish a framing around the boat stained glass pic.

Have a Beautiful Monday!


  1. Good morning Betsy....

    I know it is such a simple thing, but wonderfully satisfying at the same time.... to hang out washing to dry in a gentle breeze on a sunny day, particularly after months of drying indoors. Unlike your rotary dryer, mine is a straight washing line that stretches alongside the garden path.

    These warm sunny days are such a blessing right now, they lift the spirit and encourage us out of doors..... filled with enthusiasm to work again on the many projects that inspire us . Enjoy! Marion

  2. You have so many wonderful, creative projects going on at your house, Betsy! And laundry drying in the sunshine - heavenly!
    Wishing you a lovely day,

  3. Hi mom

    Today is a lovely day to hang out clothes to dry. It is beautiful here also. The bird that you are going to mosaic is going to be beautiful. So have you decided on a design for the floor cloth? Take your time and you will get all projects done. I have always noticed that you have allot of energy and get a lot of crafts done in the spring. I think it is because it is a new season and a renewing of your energy. Have you decided when you are coming. I need to know so i can get things accomplished before you get here. Havea wonderful day. Will call later. I would make me a cup of tea and sit in the swing out side and enjoy the weather. Havea wonderful rest of the day.

    love you

  4. I can't wait to use my clothes line again! There's nothing better than going to sleep on line-dried sheets with a breeze flowing in the bedroom windows.

    Herbal Blessings, Mandy


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