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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another relaxing sunday dinner

I don't know if it's just in the air or what.   We have been mighty laid back here, if it doesn't end soon, we won't be able to get up.  I think it's just the idea of not wanting to go into the cold.  Actually we just do not want to go anywhere really.  We did however at my husbands coaxing go see a move at our local theatre.   I am so glad we did.  We saw Alfred Hitchcocks " Shadow of a Doubt" 1941.  I am so glad we did see it on screen, we got our popcorn and water and enjoyed.
 Here is the website for anyone interested   --

I did fix dinner today and ate it while we watched the tube, boy that's showing my age.  What tube?
Anyway I started off wanting to make meatloaf and mashed potatoes, but Steve wanted burgers to put gravy or ketchup on.
Ground chuck mixed with green peppers and spices.

fresh potatoes and carrots with butter and parsley and lots of pepper.

steamed cabbage, I usually throw a little dill in there with the cabbage, but didn't have any today.

I make a dill sauce with cream, butter and usually with fresh dill and use flour for thickening ,my mom used to make a cream sauce for cabbage and I love it that way, when my neice Robin is  here having dinner with us, I thicken it with corn starch, as she cannot have wheat products or milk.  I could have used soy milk or rice milk.   Her husband makes the best Frogmore stew. A picture of it here at her website

Ta - Da


  1. Dinner looks yummy! Remember when Mom would make little hamburger patties mixed wth chopped onion? She would then put tomato sauce over the patties and let them both cook for awhile. So good! She would serve mashed potatoes with it. Thanks for putting my blog info on your post. We will get together for Frogmore Stew soon.

  2. Dear Betsy,
    thank you so much for your lovely comment. I also wish you a wonderful, healthy and sparkling new year... Your dinner looks yummy, I love the meatballs with mediaterranen mashed potatoes (dried tomatos, rosted pine nuts and olive oil mmmhhh)
    Have a great day
    Many warm greetings form germany

  3. Oh yes, your dinner looks delicious! What a nice blog you have. I enjoyed looking around and will look forward to visiting again soon. I'm glad you found your way to my blog so I could find my way to yours. Blessings!

  4. Looks like we are sharing the same weather! Roll on Spring I say! Thanks for dropping by my blog, Happy New Year! Clare x

  5. Good Morning Betsy....

    Since returning home from our Christmas away, my feeling has been that of laid back lethargy and lack of motivation..... I’ve put it down to the weather which has got progressively worse this week. However, I made a great attempt to shake my feathers yesterday and attacked two huge baskets of ironing... I don’t dislike ironing... listening to something interesting on the radio, or simply being alone with my thoughts.

    Your meal looks delicious..... just right to combat a cold, snowy day in January. Take care and keep warm. Marion


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