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Sunday, November 29, 2009


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. When I say I am sitting around,  I mean AROUND.   I feel I gained 10 pounds.   Nice warm day and that meant that we could eat outside as well as inside.    My niece has to have Gluten/wheat free/dairy and egg free foods.   She would love to eat these foods, but just cannot.
I made her a coconut cake with apple sauce instead of eggs,  crisco instead of butter, coconut milk with guar gum . Tasted pretty good.  She liked it. 

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This mix is rice flour.

finished cake

Here are some pics of some of the family,  could not get them together or find them to take a picture, everyone scatters.
Here is Wyatt,  so happy to see everyone.

Jamie my grand niece holding the wreath I made her.

could not quite get them alll to look at once.

Kendall my grand niece

One more time


Amy my miece with mom (her grandma)
She is visiting for Thanksgiving and will be
heading back to JMU sunday.

Jessica my grand niece who is also in college   I know it's Thanksgiving , but we might as well
put up mom's tree while we are here.  So that is why there is a tree on Thanksgiving in her living room

my sister DonnaDelany and Samantha

Then we headed over to my sons home to see his tree

His Elvis collection and guitars,
Donna will have a fit when she sees this
picture of herself with eyes closed.

Well maybe I will get my tree decorated soon.   It's up with lights , just needs ornaments.


  1. You could have found a better picture of me with Mom--oh wait there isn't a better one of me. As for having my eyes closed in the "Elvis Room"--I was just in heaven being in there with Elvis..Cool room. When we were decorating our tree--Alex said: "Let's put that glittery stuff on the tree like Betsy uses". Amy said "No, only Betsy knows how to use that stuff--it will look tacky on our tree". "I said I know, it will look like WE put it on".

  2. Iknow I could have found a better picture of you, but I like this picture of you.


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