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Sunday, August 14, 2016

porch table

Getting things ready to put on the porch now.  I  need to get a sisal type rug for the porch.  I also love the rugs that have large floral flowers that look like needlepoint.  In the process selecting a fan,  as the ceiling fan on porch has a broken fan blade and it's ready to be replaced.   Every thing seems like it needs to be replaced all at once.  

A friend of mine gave me a vintage table that I am painting white,  it's a shiny white, but it's what I have and I am not going out to spend anymore than I have too.  I may do some work with some lace on top for a touch of whimsy.  Not sure yet as to what,  maybe some lace decal.

Picture of grand daughter with a pom pom dog that she helped make at her day school.   So darned cute.

It has marble eyes

I think I will get some yarn and make a few and put in a basket,  so cute.

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