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Monday, August 5, 2013

lil hog

I have problems at home with ground hogs eating up what they can get their teeth into. When Steve and I took a trip to Clarkesville in May, we were sitting on the deck waiting for the sunset. I looked down and saw him, I do believe he followed me here. I can't get away from them it seems.
He sees me
I am sharing with Camera Critters and Tuesday muse


  1. Sounds like pesky critters to me! We have something that makes tunnels in the ground - I'm not sure if it's moles or pocket gophers or ground hogs. Whichever, they're a nuisance. Great photo, by the way. At least he's photogenic. :-)

  2. What is that? I have never seen an animal like that? And I can not found it in my transpation programm. Looks a bit like an guinipig?


  3. My best suggestion is to get a dog. While we had our two Samoyeds we never had an issue with groundhogs, rabbits or squirrels. Since they have passed we have bunnies and squirrels everywhere! I have to say they all may be destructive creatures but they sure are cute😀


  4. Great photos and amazing 'they' keep showing up! ~ Happy Week to you ~ xxooo

  5. He sure is giving you the eyeball! :)


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