Saturday, August 6, 2022

Summer time and home.

August will be gone before we know it.  Lots of watering to keep things green and flowering.  Yes, it's been hot.  August always is.  

This planter with Portulaca or moss rose as I call it and creeping Jenny has gone wild 
Our vegetables especially the tomatoes did not do well at all this year. 
 Pulled them up already, not sure what went wrong.  Was not because of no water because I watered every day. The peppers did well and green beans are making now but the rest, a lost cause.
Lemon basil and other herbs love the heat.
Always grass to cut and girls helped rake up the sticks and other stuff before cutting.  Raking this far yard behind the garage is much cooler in the shady area this time of day for us.  

Curious, I looked up the temps on record for Va. and the hottest I find is in 1918 at 107 degrees. Fluctuates back and forth years after that with the hottest being in 1918.

Some summer food for us.
Sauteed Mushrooms, oven roasted tomatoes, sesame seeds and splash of sesame seed oil.
I sprinkle feta cheese on top of mine. Good hot or cold.

Home made rolls
Can't wait til the people get here to re do our shower.  They said it would be about three months, already been one. things are taking longer to get done now. 
Waiting for kitchen work now too.
We are having Shelf genie do a few of kitchen cabinets as far as lazy susan in corner cabinet(above) and some pull outs in others.  Another wait in store for that.  Watch and see if all is done around the same time and it being as late as November.  Sure hope not.
Some sconces I found at a thrift store a while back. Not really liking them with this mirror in entry but it's a change. 
Dragon flies still going strong in our area.  I used to be fascinated by them as a child, still am really.  They seem to almost be looking back at me when I see them land on the fence or chairs.  Magical they seem. 
My grand daughter had three land on her fishing pole and then she caught three fish. She still talks about that.

Change, transformation and self-awareness associated with the dragonfly. Three stages of life cycle- egg, nymph and adult. Most of their life cycle lived out in the nymph stage.  Unless you swim under water, you won't see them.  
 An article in local paper with Adalyn in top left and Genevieve in top right corner of paper. Huck Finn style fishing.

A drive out this afternoon to Tappahannock Va. Passed some pretty corn fields and I leave with that. 
 Happy Saturday.


  1. I love your photos. Your post is a summer scrapbook.

  2. It looks and sounds like your summer is going along nicely!

  3. Dearest Betsy,
    Having picked tons of tomatoes at Mom & Dad's greenhouses, I noticed the spot where the stem was in your photos. Those surely were sick and not able to produce as usual. Sad, for all the work done...
    Yes, it is still hot out here as well but we had some good rain showers over a couple of days, that makes the lawn and plants look grateful.
    While we were gone, we had somebody (from our usual crew for lawn work) water all our pot plants and planter boxes, using our electric pump and pumping water from the pond. That has a few springs feeding it, always full.
    Otherwise we would have lost a lot while being gone for 11 days.
    Both of us are reliving our fabulous trip of almost 5,000 miles and me being the solo driver.
    Too bad that Pieter, the once excellent photographer, no longer manages to do so and while driving, you really can't do much... But I found some great professional videos and even drone views from the most scenic areas we came through. So happy with that!

  4. Yes, it made me sick that the tomatoes did so bad. Last year they were good. I am going to do something very different next year planting them, God willing. The cucumbers did so well in the pots and even the second growth did. Peppers did poor in the ground but in pots I got many. You are doing so well driving as much and far as you do. Covering a lot of miles there and seeing some great scenery and historic places in history. I wish we could do more but seems like the house owns us lately. For some reason, I get sleepy after a while of driving.
    Probably do not get enough sleep to begin with as after six hours I wake up and can't get back.
    Good you have a wonderful pond that has fresh water springs feeding it. When we left for a few days, a lot of our plants suffered as one who watered ours, only did so once and some just died. Oh well, I will get some fresh produce at a local stand tomorrow. Hugs, Betsy

  5. Betsy, no other person will care for our 'green' children, the way we do ourselves! We got lucky this time with the owner of the crew that takes care of our lawn, he asked for instructions and I sent him images and explained and Pieter put the hose out. So it got done! Kitties have their sitter and it works, but is not a replacement for their human parents. But one is sure glad to find somebody, also for taking the daily mail inside.
    Yes, the distances are VAST but with willpower and good planning it can be done. Pieter does not want to fly, stress related and then still you need a rental car. Now we could bring everything we wanted and needed, in our own car and also healthier food for on the road etc. Can't do that when flying and rental cars are very expensive and on such high altitude roads I'd rather drive my own car for knowing it perfectly well and feeling SAFE.
    Glad I did it and Pieter so enjoys these posts, for reliving the entire trip and so do I.
    Oh, I have more nights of only 6 hours of good sleep and no matter what I try, can't ever go back to sleep. But I never get sleepy in the car, that is also related to willpower and feeling responsible for TWO. Pieter naps... he only had two days with a real nap in bed, out of eleven. Good from his side for managing to do this!

    1. Unless I really have to, I will not fly. Rental car prices have zoomed way up. Good planning is something I need to practice more of. I enjoy reading your posts and look forward to reading more of your travels. Hugs, Betsy

  6. Not sure if I hit the wrong button or the right one but my comment disappeared...Anyway...I was here visiting and wanted to thank you for stopping by!! Not going to write everything again in case the first one went through!!


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