Saturday, June 25, 2022

Saturday Post.

Summer and it's less hot than it was in the last few weeks of Spring.  Sure, that can change.  Had a few storms lately with lots of rain, great for me because I haven't had to get out and water all of the pots, I have planted for a couple days. 

Here is one of two pots I purchased from local nursery for $10.00 a piece.  Each one has about 5 plants.   This pot of flowers, not the same color they were when I purchased them. 

They changed from cream colors to orangey pink colors.  Not sure why. Some are even striped now.

Glads in pots.   I didn't put many in the ground this season

View to patio from our jalousie porch in the morning

Patio where I like to have morning coffee and tinker about with potting

Later gather some lavender 
Inside to band them into bundles to dry

Lavender - The color and scent of relaxation, youthfulness, creativity, imagination, optimism
Author - Unknown

I am thinking- Lavender honey to drizzle over tiny biscuits 

A Lavender cutting, I took from a very large plant of mine and now it's growing very strong in this pot. I am shaping it like a topiary. 

 Black eyed Susans as I call them.

They are growing alongside driveway fence.

   The yellow finches like them and I enjoy seeing those pretty little birds.

Adaptability and Availability is what makes the Black-Eyed Susan a symbol of Encouragement and Motivation

Don't know who Susan is but I have read that the name was probably given to the flower by British colonists who came in contact with it in the new world. 

Italian basil and lemon basil cuttings taken from the established plants. They root fast in water. 
I took cuttings from the plant below which is Italian Basil

My dogwood tree that I finally replanted. Two years now.  Hope it lives another two years.  

I purchased two tubers of this one type of Dahlia.  Planted in pots and growing well.  I feed it when needed since it is not in the ground.  

A cutting I took from it and it's rooted so I will be potting up soon.

In the driveway are chalk drawing the grand girls drew

Butterfly and Flowers by Adalyn

Rainy days by Genevieve, and we have had quite a few. 

Leaving you with a beautiful afternoon sky.  Sunbeams. 

a video walk around


  1. Dearest Betsy,
    You have so much growing and blooming in your garden!
    And were lucky for having had some rain as well.
    My first week being home again was a very hot one.
    I've been nursing my ear ache with some Turmeric capsules and am sure glad it is no longer hurting and bothering me.
    Enjoy your flowers and the remainder of summer!

    1. Hello Mariette, I have not heard of Turmeric for ear ache. So good to hear it worked and you are better. I know you are so happy to be home too! I wonder if Turmeric could help my achy alll over feeling some days I have like the past week? Good to see you are home safe and sound. Happy Sunday and hugs, Betsy

    2. Betsy, I just reasoned that if Turmeric is good against inflammation, it will work for my ear as well! And it DID. Can't take any over the counter meds due to my severe kidney stage but this is safe.

  2. I really didn't know about it being good in use against inflammation. I have put it in some foods but rarely use it. I am going to use it now. Thank you for the information about it.

    1. Betsy, having worked in India a lot and also having medical friends from India, we both learned a lot about their 'natural' remedies.
      Good luck and hope you benefit from it as well!


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