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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Happy Thursday

Had another root canal today with temporary cap.  Not happy with the cost by no means.  Wow.
Anyhow a few things around the home here and one is  I am having a coffee to see if it will take the tickle out of my lip that is still numb and scratching it does no good at all, the warmth seems to help.

I have enough for another cup in the pot.  The piece was given to me by my daughter who purchased it at the gift shop when we toured the White House of the Confederacy in Richmond Va.
A copy of the china pattern I believe  that was used at the time.  

I must say when I pulled into our garage, I was a little startled with this in my face from inside my car. Kinda scary looking.

It's a tin sculpture of Olaf from the kids show "Frozen".   Steve had to get it from Lavender Fields Herb Garden in Glen Allen Va.  He was half off and we will put him at the play house soon.

I have some zinnias drying in the garage as well

The shadows say fall and just we are just about there

This hummingbird vine has climbed to the bell at the top of the pole.  Hummers love the little flowers.

Later this evening I will be going to visit Sherwin Williams store to finish painting our bedroom. The ceiling I like painting better than the walls.  I am going to take down the curtains, putty up around them and then rehang. 
The little stained glass  I made a couple years ago. The sun comes through it nicely early in the morning.
I will retire this paper medallion I made two years ago.  
Something different above the bed.
Bedspread I found at a thrift store for 8 dollars a few weeks ago.  It is a full but it works fine on a queen bed like this because of the bed skirt not shown here.

 I finally finished and so glad.  I am ready to start another one now.
I had this frame that was painted a dark color.  I lightened it up with gold paint.  I purchased the plastic beads from dollar tree which were originally red and glued  to the frame and painted them also.

Now to figure  out where to hang it.


  1. I think Olaf would have startled me, as well!

    Grace & Peace,

  2. Sorry to hear about the root canal, Betsy. Hope you are feeling better now. Maybe your new beaded piece would look nice above your bed? I'm not sure the size, though. Olaf will delight your grands playhouse I'm sure. Take care.

  3. Dearest Betsy,
    Well, that indeed was a scary face coming home from a root canal... that added to your feeling; no doubt!
    Very elegant teacup with teapot and sure it gave you comfort.
    Quite a task for painting the bedroom...
    Love you finished bead work; how many hours did you frame inside? Clever framing used for all your labor of love.

    1. Hello Mariette
      I just wasn't thinking about Olaf when I pulled in and looked up, struck me funny afterwards. His head was level with me looking out of my windshield.
      The beadwork took weeks of nights after watching the grand girls for a few hours each night. It is relaxing to me. I have a few more tacks for the back and then I will hang somewhere. I used to do needle point and this reminds me of it but easier. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Betsy

  4. Betsy, I'm so sorry about the root canal, but since Jerry just went through on, I am even more sorry about the price of it!! Your tea pot for one is really beautiful. I love those little combinations, but the one I have is all black so not as pretty as yours for sure. Do the girls know about Olaf? I bet they will love him. I have found that the zinnias dry better and more shapely if I lay then face down on a flat surface until they dry. Your bedroom looks beautiful and I had been wanting to make some paper rolls since I saw them when I first started blogging, but just haven't gotten there yet and your bead work is really beautiful. You say it is easy but looks very complicated to me. I'm sure that is why it is so pretty. Thanks for your visit. The hydrangeas are drying nicely so far and I still have a few zinnias left in the garden. They still look good after two days of rain that we had and Jerry measured one that is 60 inches tall. I plan to put a lot more in next year. I leave that wreath on the door all year long. I just rolled some yarn over different size styraform balls and glued them to the twig wreath..I love it..Happy Weekend to you my friend..xxoJudy

  5. Hi Betsy, Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am happy I found your blog. Very nice. Your bead work is gorgeous! I like the frame. I am sure where ever you hang it it will enhance the room.

  6. Betsy I hope you are feeling a little better, having root canal treatment is not good. Olaf would probably have given me a scare too, but what a fun piece for the Grandchildren.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you and I feel great. Root canals have come a long way. No pain before and none after. Gums are not even sore. I just don't like the numbness and that tickle in the skin from it. Takes a while to wear off.
      The children will like Olaf and they will probably hang lights on him too at Christmas.
      I had to delete my first reply because I hit the send button before I finished it

  7. I LOVE the piece you finished. Lots of work in that. Beautiful. them. My moms fave. I have always wanted to get into making stain glass but there again, I am also trying to weed down some of my crafting. Way to many diff ways I went with it!! That vine, I was told with my friend Linda gave me some that it would grow a foot in a day. NO LIE!! I did not check on it for a week and it took over. I had been taking it and wrapping it back around the trellis instead of my fence, well, it took over part of the fence on each slid of the trellis. But the hummingbirds LOVE it so I left it. Its pretty also.

    1. It does take over but easy to control. I have cut it through the summer with scissors off of the light in the front yard. There are two types it seems and mine is cypress vine with feathery leaves.
      I love it.
      Stained glass is something I want to get back to. Grand girls are in school now so maybe I can. I have weeded some crafting way down as some just doesn't interest me any more. I like paper crafts and I love paint by number, not really a craft but a nice quiet time and I think of nothing but what I am painting.
      Can't go wrong with zinnias, they will grow where nothing else will.
      Happy Saturday to you Pam

  8. Betsy,
    I love your Tea for One set and Olaf is sweet!! Your art work that you created with beads is nothing short of amazing!! It is stunning!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! We are having a bit of Summer this weekend with high's in the 80's but will have beautiful Fall weather next week!

  9. Lovely series of photos Betsy. I'm going to be painting a bedroom soon and as we haven't had any proper furniture in it for a while, will also be looking for a new bed to start it off with. The A pretty bed and a very nice bedspread. Good to know about the sizing. The framed needlework is lovely. I like the teacup set too, and your beautiful flowers!

    1. Haven't been long back and just see your comment. Wow, October will be gone before we know it now. I thank you for your compliment on our bed and spread, but I must say sometimes I want a new bed. I am sort of sick of it, I think my husband was feeling nervous when I said I would paint it.
      The framed work is those plastic diamond beads that are placed on. I do think it looks like needlework also. I guess that's why I like it. I need to get back to needlework.


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