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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Good Saturday

Earlier this morning the sun shining and the air feels good for a change.  Little breeze and no humidity, well so far anyway.
My coffee enjoyed outside the porch where I put my little bistro table and chairs.  Herons Pirouette blooming so nicely beside me.

Now back to making a mess with these pinecones I am painting and affixing to a wreath form.  I really have many other things to do but not in the mood for work right now.


  1. I have some old previously cinnamon scented pinecones from Christmas. Painting them is exactly what I need to do with them. They look pretty.

  2. The weather was so nice today. Glad to see you are enjoying it as well. Looking forward to seeing your finished wreath! I like your bistro set, too.

  3. Dearest Betsy,
    It looks like you create Zinnias out of pine cones by painting them!
    You sure got some lovely cones for working with.

  4. My grand daughter collected the pinecones on walks with us. I decided to make a wreath for my sister made with them. Good Sunday to you Mariette, Betsy

  5. Nice spot with the chairs to sit and relax a bit. Wish I had zinneas, they are so pretty. Wreath with pine cones sounds interesting. Would be nice to see how it will look when all done.

  6. I am trying to finish it now Angela. I will take a picture when finished.

  7. Betsy, your little corner of the garden looks so pretty and relaxing. A great spot for coffee. Your zinnias are still looking good, I do have a few re-blooming that I can pick and my hydrangeas are getting so heavy and weighing down the stems so guess I will try to do some drying of them. Thanks for your visit. I love that mirror over the mantle, we have had it a long time. I think you can buy moulding and frame yours out. Sometimes I wish I had it in another place though, as it is really hard to take a good photo as I can't stand directly in the center in order not to see myself taking the picture. I either have to go off to the side or sit down and shoot upwards..Hope you have a good week..xxoJudy P.S. What a beautiful wreath you will have and what a fun idea.

  8. Love you bistro table and chairs!! I have always wanted one of those sets but have no where to put it at this time!! can't wait to see the pine cone wreath finished!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  9. Love your garden area with the bistro set! Zinnias are one of my favorite flowers and are so easy to start from seed! I like using Hydrangea in fall and like how you paint your pine cones.


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