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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Mountain trip (1)

We took off a few more nights this past week end to Warm Springs Virginia.
   The Inn at Gristmill Square was offering a special and since we do love visiting the area and enjoy staying at this inn, we did just that.  A different room this time.   The decor to me was farm house styling with the real ship lap on several walls.  Cozy and warm.   Nice private patio also.
To begin with we had a nice sunny drive Sunday.

Beautiful fields and old homes along the way to see.  I fell asleep through a lot of it as usual.

Pulling in the drive to unload for our journey to our room.

Our room

just inside the door

See how pretty the day was.  A pleasant view to the courtyard.

A quick look around to the kitchenette area.

A lounging area separate from the bedroom with t.v. and magazines.

Our bedroom

Private patio with a babbling brook right outside the fence door.  Nice pleasant sound to enjoy while sitting out.

Outside of our room in the lounge area.  Nice antiques decorate the room 

Vintage pictures and a nice oil painting such as this one decorate the walls.

shower and bath

Yes, I like this picture hanging in the bath.

Pretty little cherub on the patio outside of our room I noticed while having a coffee.

Later after dinner and reading before bed we are thinking about sightseeing some tomorrow and seeing what shops may be open on a Monday.

After a good nights sleep.   I open the curtains and find.......
snow and still snowing for hours afterwards.  It's April the 9th.

I do remember seeing snow in April before when I was much younger.  It's not unusual.

View from the front door of our room

We are still going out to sight see.  First we must have breakfast.

More tomorrow.
→     part 2


  1. Betsy, what a lovely place to have a nice break. Your accommodations look cozy and comfortable. I really don't remember snow in April. Maybe that's my age talking or I'm in denial about it. The weather is beautiful today and I hope it is for you! ♥

  2. i enjoyed this so much! almost a year ago my husband and i stayed at the homestead...he had a work meeting there...we went out sight seeing and came to this mill and i was surprised that all these little building were rentable! i would love to come back and stay in one!

  3. I've been near there but never stayed there. Looks neat!

  4. What a beautiful place to stay. Hope the snow didn't stop your adventures.

    1. We love the snow and it's so nice seeing places like this in all seasons.

  5. Dearest Betsy,
    That sure is a very special room with a private patio and garden! Spacious also.
    For sure a cozy spot to be and to explore the surroundings.
    Okay, got a FIRM NO from my orthopedic surgeon this morning upon my question IF I could attend the Revue with my choir on May 19, singing and dancing. So for 2 months I have to be very, very careful to not fall as my bones then could shift and cause severe damage. So I must do the chronicling full time I guess. God has a way of telling us off at times... But this time will pass and at least I can drive the car and walk slowly, with crutch.

  6. It all looks lovely ... even in the snow!

    All the best Jan


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