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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Warm Springs Virginia (1)

A get away Steve and I enjoyed almost two weeks ago for a few nights took us to Warm Springs, in Bath county Virginia.   We stopped for fuel about an hour into the trip.  You can see the station's roof ornament told us we were in Buffalo Gap.  The lady that works here told us that she heard that 60 mile an hour winds were on the radar for the area, but we didn't pay attention to any weather report.
Home below is next to the gas station.  I just like the layout and stone on brick.

little creek running in front of it, just a pretty setting I thought.

Anyhow, along the road to Warm Springs.
Beautiful farmland and old barns along the way.  Lot's of drizzle and grey skies.

Starting up the mountain through George Washington National Forest.  You can see the fog higher up the mountain.

Very foggy now and still drizzly.
I love riding through the fog and mist even when I am driving.

getting worse

Short clip of drive to Warm Springs.  Gets foggier as we climb the mountain.

Getting close.  Gristmill Inn is our destination.  The Omni Homestead is not far from here and we have yet to stay a few nights.  Maybe in the future still.  Steve prefers the Gristmill Inn.   

We see this round barn like building. Known as Jefferson's pools, fed by natural mineral springs.  The clear water keeps a temperature of 98 degrees.  I don't know if it's open.  I heard it had or has been closed because the building was deemed unsafe, but will be repaired.  For centuries people have been traveling to the pools also known as "the cure".   I have read that travelers have taken the waters and afterward saying their skin felt so soft.  
You can see the steam from the warm mineral water escaping through the top.

Well here we are at our turn - Old Mill Rd.

The Square 

Getting late and in a hurry to get to our room to unpack, because it was starting to get a little more rainy and little breeze building.

Just inside I put down my favorite book to gaze through.  I always travel with books.  I love to read before bed.  

This is called the silo room.  Which it one time was.  

Our room had a fireplace as that is what we wanted this trip.  Not all rooms have them. 

Comfy chairs for t.v. watching.  We didn't watch t.v..  We watched the fire instead.

Nice bottle of water with glasses.  I would much rather use glass than plastic.

Nice large bath with Jacuzzi tub.  Two comfy white bathrobes were hanging in the closet.

The bath part is partly in ground.  Our bathroom window was almost level with it.   We are in the mountains.

Cold and damp outside but cozy and warm inside.   I like the idea of having our own entrance at the Gristmill inn.

back inside

We have Russ our traveling companion that our grand daughter Adalyn gave Opa.  She likes it that we send her pictures of him on our trips.

 We went out for a dinner and then back to get ready for bed.  Nice comfy bed with wonderful linens and feathery soft pillows. 

"The Inn at Gristmill square is a Boutique Inn.   Located deep within the ancient mountains of the George Washington Forest in the Allegheny Highlands".  I am taking this info from their website and a pamphlet I have.

The buildings dating back to the 1800's make up the Inn.   Nice place to come to relax.
All of the modern conveniences along with a continental breakfast brought to our room in the mornings. Visitors choose a time from I believe it's 7 til 930 to be brought in.
Got a fire going with plenty of wood.  I like the looks of the fire in the dark falling off to sleep.

Will post more of our trip hopefully Tuesday.
Til then
Part two - Outage


  1. Oh my, what a nice trip, and the Inn looked so cozy and comfortable. Thank you for sharing your adventure.

  2. How lovely your getaway looks, Betsy. You were deep in the mountains and I imagine it was quite quiet! I enjoyed your little video of the foggy climb. And little Russ looks like he's enjoying his trip as well. Very nice photos to an area we haven't visited in years. ♥

  3. Dearest Betsy,
    Wow, that was a lovely location at THE INN AT Gristmill Square
    Just had to Google it as you did not provide any link. Would certainly love to be there in the spring, beautiful views and nature.
    You hit a cold and foggy day it looked like; glad you got to enjoy that fireplace.
    Restaurant and all looks great too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Betsy,
    What beautiful photos of a beautiful place!! Lovely!! Even in the fog!! Thanks so much for sharing your little getaway with us and thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Looks like a marvelous trip!! The room looks comfy and so pretty. Whau, those roads were something else to drive through fog. I look forward to see more photos of your trip. We have never been in that area of the country.

  6. It is so nice to getaway, and yours looks lovely, thank you for sharing your photographs.

    All the best Jan


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