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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Warm Springs Virginia (2) outage - new room

An early evening fire
With a toasty fire going and wind howling outside we went to bed.  Sleeping like logs until sometime in early morning hours there was a banging at the door.  Steve jumped up in the cold to find his robe to get to the door in the dark, no fire, freezing cold and then the person left.   We figured get back under the cozy comforter and sleep til light.  Well couldn't sleep then and good thing because the gentleman came back to tell us that the wind broke a utility pole and our room and several others on our side of the village plus the restaurant would have no power for a few days.  He said we were welcome to stay the rest of the night and got us more fire starter.  We made it warm and cozy again and slept til morning.

Breakfast was brought by early in a basket and it was so delicious.  Steaming hot coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice, quiche, scones and sweet cream for our coffee.  Eating breakfast by the fire was pretty nice actually.   We were booked another night in this room but of course that was not to be.  We were told there was a room at the Steele house that wasn't affected by the outage.  A fireplace was there also.  We made sure we had enough starter and wood in case the power went out.   The wind was howling.  Right now I am thinking about what the attendant at the station told us about high winds back in Buffalo Gap.  That sure came to be.

This is what was going on very early in the morning with high winds - snow.  It's the mountains and I love it.

On our way with our things to the house a few hundred feet away.  The Steele house named after family that used to own the home.  Our room was called The Croft room.
We have the room to the right of the porch on lower floor.
Next to a creek with the clearest water running through it.  Makes a soothing  sound as the water rushes over the rocks.

Next to the Steele house is the little post office I didn't get a picture of.  A quaint village and the scenery is beautiful.

Just inside the entrance .  Our room is on left looking towards the front door.

Notice the door ringer in middle of door.  On outside it has a twist key attached to the bell.

View to back door from the front door.

Don' t think I would want to cart suitcases up these stairs although it's tempting as there is a balcony off of one of the bedrooms

Large piece in entrance hall

Our room painted a cheery color which Steve liked.

A nice warm fire set for us

A view from our window at the trees moving in the wind

Antique furniture in the rooms
like this old foot locker at the end of the bed

The next two pictures are hanging in the bath.

I like this one

a short clip of the room

Well time to head up to Monterey.  A short 25 minute drive to purchase some maple syrup and have lunch at the old High's restaurant.

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  1. Absolutely marvelous! The breakfast sounds delicious! The new room looks so beautiful, I agree with your husband, the color of the room is very pretty. The fire place is awesome, the room looks like a room described in a great novel! I even like that the weather was exciting! Thanks also for including a little movie!

  2. very cozy... I also love the room color, and breakfast was delicious..Hope weather is good now, and the power has been restored..

  3. we depend on electric, I admire my many Amish friends!

  4. Betsy, doesn't this sound silly romantic. I would have loved to stay in the room, without power, forever. Well, at least until my TV shows were on! Beautiful place. You are just the woman I need today as you will see in my post later on. You have to tell me how to get a video on my blog..Your header of the old oak is really beautiful. I love that kind of country setting..Happy Week..xxoJudy

  5. You can't beat an open fire when you have the wind howling outside. Sounds like you had a great time despite the unfriendly weather.

  6. What a lovely place and so cozy with the fireplace.

  7. Looks like a beautiful place!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by !! Happy Easter!!

  8. I love the mountains as well, Betsy! Sorry about the windy conditions you encountered. Glad you moved to a house with power. I love the old bath tub and the cozy fire. There's nothing like a wood fire! I haven't been up that way in years. It sure looks peaceful. Have a wonderful Easter. ♥

  9. It looks so lovely and you just can't beat a fire, so warm, inviting and super cosy.

    All the best Jan

  10. (I love the sketch of the woman with the dogs, too.) What a beautiful place in which to take refuge.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  11. The B&B looks comfy cozy. And customer services sounded great.

  12. Dearest Betsy,
    How thoughtful of the owners for warning you abut the power outage!
    You were lucky for getting another cozy room.
    Sending you hugs,

  13. I like to stay in rooms like this, part of an original home. I'm glad that you stayed warm, a fire is always so cozy and special.


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