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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2nd snow for January

Woke up to another snowfall today.  Pretty.
 on the fence in back

Will leave the snowmen up a little longer

upstairs window

It looks safe to drive, but slippery in many spots


  1. Snow looks lovely from your windows, Betsy. We only received a light dusting. Be careful driving. ♥

  2. It makes such beautiful photos but I am always glad when it has gone.

  3. Betsy, your header is outstanding. So pretty. I love when the snow is on top of the fences. There are so many different patterns. No snow here, just some spotty rain. Typical of most of our winters. I wish we would get at least one good snowfall. We haven't had a good one since about 20 years ago! xxo Judy

  4. Great photos!! We are having a warm up!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  5. You have lots of snow!! It looks so serene! We had snow and extremely cold days then it got warmer, melted and we have ice now in some spots. Today we got 30 degrees, hurray! Your photos looks beautiful!

  6. Dearest Betsy,
    You show us some beautiful, real winter photos!
    Looks great on photos but I don't miss my winter in Shillington, PA... it was so damn cold!

  7. You've had more snow than we have.... We did get about an inch last week --but not enough to really be pretty... Yours was just perfect.... Hubby would love it if we had snow that didn't stick to the driveway/sidewalk/roads..... ha

    Have a great week.



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