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Saturday, February 11, 2017


Happy Saturday.   Getting ready to head out for an overnight just to get away.
Not sure where we'll stay or see at this point,  we're winging it.  

Before I go - some pictures of the Australian shepherd that the grand girls got for Christmas,  he is growing.   Adalyn named him  *Star* and Genevieve agreed he is.

He is so spoiled


He seems to know the camera now

Adalyn and her valentine she made

Genevieve with that sweet smile
I need to get a picture of her valentine she made, it's so busy with stickers and glittered hearts.
But when it's time to go,  she is ready to go.
Addy sit her polar bear on the box and asked me to get a picture of him.
Well here he is.
Later and Happy Saturday


  1. Adalyn and Genevieve are so beautiful ... and the puppy is so adorable..

  2. Sometimes it is just so much fun to jump in the car and GO where the spirit leads you... Have fun...

    Gorgeous doggie and grandgirls.


  3. Oh Betsy, you are such a good Grandma! How cute to photograph her polar bear and post it. That makes me smile! Those girls are just so adorable, especially that smile on Genevieve. The dog is pretty adorable too. I hope you and Steve have a wonderful getaway, winging it. That is one thing my husband would never do, wing it! lol Has to have a plan at all times!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hope you have a wonderful time wherever that may be...beautiful girls.

  5. I hope you've had a wonderful getaway! What an adorable little puppy, and the grands are beautiful. Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

  6. The girls and the new pup are darling!! I hope you enjoyed your getaway!! Thanks so muchf or stopping by!!

  7. Adorable dog, beautiful child!


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