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Monday, March 28, 2016

Some Easter images

Rainy day off and on but children had fun and so did we.

I made these hot cross buns from King Arthur site and the recipe is the best I have ever tried.
I made sure as it said to have eggs at room temp. along with my other ingredients and use instant yeast.

also good with a ham slice

boots are needed for the wet ground today

Miranda was up early.  She also had carrot slices with honey and ginger,  dressing ,  and spiced corn.
Soooo good!

she also made these cookies.   A great job she did on these.

dad taking photos of the easter egg hunt

great grandma helping genevieve

sweet baby alison

I had to use my cell phone as I have misplaced my camera again.  I guess I will have to chain it around my neck to keep up with it.   Frustrating,  but happy that the cell phone takes pictures.


  1. Hi Betsy, it looks like you had a nice Easter with the family! The girls look like they were having fun and they look adorable! Now that I have seen a photo of dad I can say that Adalyn looks just like him and Genevieve looks just like mom! Wow!
    Have a wonderful last week of March!

  2. Thank you for making such wonderful Happy Easter Images. I really love to read your blog.

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