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Friday, March 25, 2016

ride'm cowboy

My daughter and her husband decided it was time to say good bye to a couple of farm animals. The are going to very good  homes. She and her husband are focusing now on just the chickens and her vegetable she raises for sale.
Before going off to good homes,  Seth our grandson had to get one last ride.

Red is his name and he's a stud who loves attention.   He will lie on his back to get a belly rub and loves to play with burlap bags filled with hay.  He doesn't mind giving a ride either.
 The Jerusalem donkey is thinking he is next.

Notice the donkey is still watching , he knows he is getting his picture taken.

he is a sweet very spoiled donkey

see him smiling

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  1. Am laughing!It looks like the donkey was much more agreeable to Seth than the pic!Thanks so much for commenting on my blog - how did you find me?
    Wishing a happy Easter! Am also inviting you for my new meme SEASONS - thumbnail photo link is open Mon - Wed. 7 pm. Any experience in your season is great! Hope to see you there:)

  2. Betsy, what wonderful pictures. I was expecting to see a horse when I scrolled down to your first pic. So cute. When Jake was small he got bucked off my brother's donkey. Luckily my brother was close enough to catch him. What a great life for your grandkids..Happy Easter..Judy

  3. Oh Betsy, I missed this post! How funny the photos are! Seth is very brave to ride that pig! The donkey looks like a much better ride!


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