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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Amelia courthouse shop

Back to visit a shop in Amelia courthouse Va. - Classic Touches.   All dressed out for Fall and Halloween.    We never leave here without purchasing something.  I want everything!
Sometimes I have a guest or two I would love to send here for the night.  I am sure they have felt the same about me also.   I think it's cute.

I couldn't get with my camera the way the eyes were painted on him,  they seemed to follow me.

this cozy room had a sofa and t.v. .  I see the candle in the corner is being heated by the light above it.  I've not seen this before, but like this idea.

mirror over sink in bathroom.

a fuzzy view from upstairs

not real

this game board would make a nice gift

whoops - excuse me , didn't see you sitting there.

til next time - bye


  1. I see why you want everything from there. That lampshade's pretty impressive.

  2. That looks like a fun place to shop, Betsy. I love the shot of the mirror in the bathroom..Happy Weekend..Judy

  3. That does look like a great place, I like the outhouse too. And that sheep! Have a great week!


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