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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Beach Cottage

Charming little beach cottage named "Coral Cottage" is where  we spent a quiet time before the Memorial day crowd on the beach,  get away.   Colonial Beach Va.
A respite for us.
Tweety greets us at the door

A place to take off our shoes - a good idea that I must bring back to my house.

Nice decorations and useful

Even binoculars to see the ocean

A sweet read on the coffee table - A true story of a lady whose illness has her bedridden and a common woodland snail .
Amazing little creatures.

The room had two different sitting areas.

Comfy here for me

games and croquet set in the basket

The kitchen had all we needed for a dinner and cookout

I like how this bucket had mitts, lighter , candles.  A good idea for to keep in mind for gifts

Around six o'clock here  on Wednesday

The next day we went for breakfast and shopping in the rain,  loved it.

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  1. Here on the Jersey shores, lots are being overbuilt with huge mansions. But when I see a lone, remaining beach cottage (like this one!) it just makes my heart swell. The history, the character, the charm. Priceless.

  2. Ah I could be so up for spending a long weekend here by the see! Love all the details of the cottage you showed:)

  3. what a sweet little cottage. We live on the seashore in Massachusetts. I wouldn't want to live anyplace else...although our house is always sandy.

  4. A lovely cottage! Love all the little homey details!

  5. Looks quite charming. We went to the beach the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend to beat the crowds which was an excellent idea. Coral is one of my favorite colors-I had that color for my wedding.

  6. This is a fabulous little place! It seems that the owners thought of everything :)

  7. Lots of comfort for a small house!

  8. Love the Tweety! Says holiday to me!


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