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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


This morning - sunny with bright yellow sunflowers.   first time growing  this type,  they are about two feet tall and a vivid yellow.

---The flower that follows the sun,  does so even in cloudy days --- Robert Leighton

The earth laughs in flowers - (R.W. Emerson)


Forgot the name of this vine which I plant every year because it flourishes in pots and covers the
trellis so well and even better - the hummingbirds love it.

I usually pull these up every year but this year I let them ramble on the fence.   Morning Glory seeds are poisonous so I make sure the grand girls keep a distance as the little one is always putting things in her mouth.

adalyns hat sitting on the fence where she will find it later
two of the prettiest flowers - Addy and

Lil Genevieve who just finished her carrots

later in the day we went for ice cream in town

She did a quick turn around at the loud train going through town

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  1. what a beautiful flower garden you have and such adorable kiddos!

  2. Sweet and adorable grandchildren :) Your flower garden is one to be envied, it's gorgeous!


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