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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Home front

The lavender is pretty now and ready for me to pick to make sachets  and lavender lemonade.  
It will keep blooming for me til the end of summer.
I like the taste of lavender in cookies . 
I have read that applying products containing lavender oil is not safe for young boys as it seems to disrupt the normal hormones in a boys body.   I have seen some home made products for diaper rash made from lavender oil and I would not use it on little boys,  the safety of using on little girls is not known.   I hear that to be on the safe side that pregnant or nursing moms shouldn't use it either.
I don't use the oil myself.      
a vase full of lavender
a hanging vegetable basket I lined with coconut fiber and you can see the plants starting to grow through it,  I hope it fills it all in.
chocolate mint I have growing in a pot.   I have baked this in muffins and it taste so good.
later in the day I cooked on the grill at 350 temp on top rack some ribs
I saw on a cooking site after cooking them for about 30 minutes on grill at 350 to wrap in foil tightly with about 1/2 cup of apple juice poured in with them.   This helps to tenderize and gives a great flavor.   I can hear apple juice boiling in the foil.
very tender
steamed veggies
lavender lemonade


  1. The lavender is beautiful, I love the scent around my house.. Your flowers are lovely and those ribs looks delicious.. Thanks for sharing, have a happy day!

  2. i love your lavender and your dinner looks amazing!


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