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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow to speak of

Finally some snow to speak of, probably about 3 inches here.   Looks to be anyway - haven't checked the weather pros to see exactly.     Around 17 degrees at this time and feels like 13 degrees - Brr.
Nipping at my nose for sure.  Here are a few pictures I took as I stuck my head out the door this morning .

Wasn't sure about that color for the swing,  but now I am liking the bright colors.  

shadows cast of  the dogwood tree
Maybe Saturday will bring more than just flurries,  I hope so.


  1. Hi Betsy, I love the color of the swing, it really stands out with the snow, too. Love the blue colors of the shadows, winter is beautiful in it's own frigid way, lol.

  2. Betsy, realy wonderful, your snowpictures. I want no snow this winter, too much work at Hillsidegarden, all the stairs up to the house!



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