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Sunday, November 10, 2013

sunday eats

Steve and I took  a trip to Paughs orchard in Quicksburg Va.   We go there every year,  the best apples at the best prices.   Will show some pics of that later.
We visited several areas and one was Mt. Jackson and this nice country grocery store that had red hots for my apples and Va. ham for my navy bean soup that I was planning to make when I got home "and did"  I bought the beans there too.  Very reasonably priced store and had so many nice packaged goods.  
I put the ham,  1 pound of dried navy beans with cut fresh carrots, onion - to my liking, celery seed, quart frozen tomatoes from garden and pepper in my electric pressure cooker - selected the beans and grain setting , was ready in about 20 minutes I guess.   I didn't time it myself , I just let the cooker do the work.  No need to soak overnight or cook for hours this way.
steam rising from pan made it blurry
checking out the fridge for salad fixins
tomatoes, sharp cheese, spinach leaves, pecan slices and raspberry vinaigrette was what I had , so I threw together with the dressing and tasted pretty good together.
gotta have biscuits with the beans
not sure how much flour , maybe 2 cups with oatmeal sprinkled in the mix
 baking powder,  I always just sprinkle it in,  I make these so much that I do not measure anymore,  salt ( a smidgen)
Butter cut into the flour and oats til crumbly
buttermilk ( I had to mix vinegar with milk for that- as I have none on hand)
then mixed lightly and put on board to cut into rounds
I baked at 400 til risen and little brown.
I always bake my biscuits on cornmeal sprinkled stone,  they don't burn and always taste better - to me anyway with the cornmeal on bottom
down to the den to watch t.v. and EAT


  1. Oh Betsy, that looks delicious! I still think you need to move here and be my cook! :)

  2. The meal looks absolutely divine! What a perfect menu for a fall evening. Loved seeing the architecture and ruins in your previous post.

  3. If I went to my refrigerator to make a salad--with the exact same ingredients you had---it still wouldn't look that good. Wish I had that salad now.


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