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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

to the orchard

November and Apples
from the orchard
The Pink Lady apples are my favorite
I picked up the red cinnamon hearts at a local country store to season a few jars of apples
soaking in lemon juice while peeling
3 pints and 6 half pints from the crock pot
The cinnamon color looks pretty in the jar

Pictures of barns in the landscape as we traveled to the orchard

above and below are the same barn

quicksburg va.


  1. where I grew up as the road structures changed, old barns like this lined the main routes, these are all beautiful such lovely shots. And those red cinnamon hearts are those tangy candies? the apple sauce looks so pretty red.

  2. Pink lady apples are a favorite of mine, too! And look at the gorgeous color of those preserves. There is nothing I like better than a drive through the country and seeing farmsteads. The old barns are precious; around here they are disappearing at alarming rates, which is sad, since farming has changed so much. Whenever I travel I take as many pictures of barns as I can so I can remember the good ol' days. Your pictures are priceless.


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