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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ashland strawberry faire

Steve and I go every year to the strawberry faire that is held on the Randolph Macon Campus.     This year it rained and became so muggy that we didn't stay long.   Long enough to get a crab cake and shrimp skewer and look.   We checked out a few booths to see what was on sale.     We didn't get any strawberry shortcake,  the crab cake did us in,  delicious.
First these painted hub caps caught my eye
some nice and heavy granite cutting boards
great tasting crab cake ,  so thick and has old bay sauce on it
we listened to some music while we ate
 Plate stakes for the garden
More wreaths,  I think any and every type has been made by now.
reasonably priced baskets
I bought a few last year and when they started looking shabby as they usually do after a while,  I cut them back and they grew back just as pretty again.
 Looking from college to Iron horse restaurant on corner
Henry clay hotel  behind the train station
There was a person who made jewelry from aluminum cans, this is so pretty and looks like it's made from a sunkist soda can
walking our way back to the car is this cute little shop.   I notice these crates made into planters
Tires painted and are holding flowers.  My mom used to do that with tires because she didn't have many pots to grow plants in and old tires is what she would use.     She painted one white one time and planted flowers in it.


  1. Hi Betsy,
    What a fun time that must have been. Lots of neat whimsical things to look at. Your sandwich looks yummy. We have a restaurant and hotel in a nearby historic small town called The Iron Horse. Happy Thursday! Gina


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