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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Historic Church in Leesburg va.

The first meeting house that was made of stone was built before 1768.  Between 1785 and 1790 it was replaced by a larger church.   Prominent Methodists who preached in the church was Wesley's missionary to America - Thomas Rankin ,  Francis Asbury- who preached there in 1776,  and the first American born Methodist traveling preacher - William Watters.
 interesting history about the church can be found here
 Church and foundation stones can be seen at the old landmark
 I love the old iron fence
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  1. what a lovely old fence. I love old graveyards also and living in New England there is no shortage of them.

  2. I'm a big fan of wrought-iron fences. They always look so neat and orderly.

  3. Very interesting post! The old fence is great! Hi, I'm Mary visiting from Friday Fences, I enjoyed visiting your blog..;~)

  4. Old graveyards hold a fascination for me. As I wander among the tombs I try to imagine the story of the persons resting there.

  5. Love the fence details you've captured!
    My son used to own an historic house in Leesburg. Wish he still did so I could visit this place.
    Thanks for you visit. Sorry I'm so late getting around.


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