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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chicken soup day

Yayyy it snowed for the first time this season here and it came down in big clumps.  

 Then it went as fast as it came, darn, I wanted more.   Well still had to fix the soup.
I had 3 large chicken breasts I cut into to little chunks for soup,  since it was a good snow time for it even though it didn't last long
My children gave me for Christmas last year an Elite pressure cooker and I would not take anything in the world for it..   I have always been scared of pressure cookers - but not this one. My son Derek found this and knew I would love it.

I put a little more than a pound of cut up chicken in there ,  I also doused a little lemon juice over it.   Then put the thing on stew and soup setting,  didn't take long at all to cook.

  I then let off steam and put in the cut up fresh veggies with 1 can of chicken stock and two extra cans of water,  salt , pepper,  parsley and a dab of butter , oh I threw some frozen peas in there too.   

Little butter added with the parsley in there
I pressure cooked this for 6 minutes and turned out perfect
In the meantime I boiled some flat noodles.   
After the soup was finished, added the noodles and closed the lid for a few minutes while I fixed sandwiches.

Tasted very good.  Forgot to mention that a little garlic was added,  we love it.
Now we are lying around digesting in front of the fire.


  1. I never thought chicken soup could look beautiful! :o) Looks scrumptious...I will have to try it. I too am afraid of pressure cookers & we have one, however, I don't use it. My in laws gave it to us & used it when they came to visit. More power to 'em...I stayed far away...I am such a sceerdy cat!! :o)
    Take care!

  2. Wow, that soup looks great ! Thanks for stopping by my blog today, take care, Gina


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