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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Breakfast cake

Before the cake though.  I ventured  out in the yard early for daffodils yesterday,  picked several for my vase in the kitchen.

Love the signs of spring,  there are many little tiny blue blooms in the grass, not sure what ya call them though., weeds I am guessing.
After my walk I started going  through some old recipes and found one I have never made that was cut from a magazine about 20 years ago.  I am sure that it is in newer ones ,  but anyway decided to make it for breakfast tomorrow with coffee.
 Here is the recipe,   the paper it is on is yellowed with time.

After I mixed the ingredients for the oven.   I used my spring form pan for this.

My toasted coconut reserved for the topping.  I think I toasted too much.  Not enough almonds on hand,   so I threw in some pecans I had in the freezer. yes, I freeze everything that I do not use right away.

Happy Home flavoring is what I always use.   It is made in Bedford Virginia,  love buying Va. products.  
 It IS the best I do believe. 
  Their natural Lemon is all I use when recipes call for lemon..
 Out of the oven,  cooling
 half and half used to mix with confectioner sugar for topping and drizzled it on

It is stored in  my stainless steel cake holder I found at the
goodwill store here.     It must have been $6.25 day as it seemed everything I picked up was marked that.  This was worth it though.

They are getting a little to costly I believe on many items now.  

 I love it
The best part is that it's made in the USA,  hard to find these days. 


  1. That cake....oh my. I really like it!! Coconut is my favorite. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Your cake safe is nice scored on that one!!! :o)

  2. This recipe will be going on my list of Must Make Soon! I do love coconut and this cake looks yummy.

    Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  3. What a yummy looking cake! And I have several of those old-time cake carriers! They're the best!


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