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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three Kings Day

The 12th and last day of the Christmas Season.  I started taking down my decorations today.   Looks like I may finish putting them away by Valentines day.  There are so many little things to pack away. 
My husband went shopping in a  store in town called "Junk in the Trunk",  lots of nice and unique items.  He said he had to get me a Three Kings day gift.    I am glad he did,  although he never has before and neither have I.   I guess it's never to late to start.  I saw this before Christmas and wanted one,  he remembered.
Something from the earth ,  which is Himalayan Crystal salt lamp.
It cleans the air and has a nice glow.
 I will see, although since I have quit smoking I am not as winded as I once was.  Thank God for that.
I like the color and the light in total darkness, gives a nice glow.



  1. In NJ we explain the Epiphany as "the tree wise guys paid a visit to Jesus"
    (Yes I am joking) kinda. sorta. So glad I am not the only one that celebrates until the 12th day.

    It's an interesting crystal. Keep us posted if you feel any difference in the air quality.

    Your Friend,

  2. Thank You Deborah, I am gonna explain the Epiphany the same way, I like it.


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