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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Monday

Relaxing this evening in front of the fire reading a book about the English countryside, some beautiful homes and yummy pictures of scones.    Had to have some,  so I made them.   My  husband and I enjoyed  them with coffee.   I do like tea, but he had the coffee made.
I used rose petal sugar that I made in the summer.  With sugar I ground with the rose petals in my coffee grinder made the sugar very powdery. 
   I didn't have any cream to add to my dough  mixture so I added yogurt.  Mace is another spice I must remember the next grocery day, brings out the flavor - sooo  good.
  There is also some rose petal sugar in the mix also.

I mixed the sugar ( you can see the ground petal in the mixture)  with rice milk that I had on hand.
the mixture was a little dark so I added some red sugar crystals to lighten it up a bit
My sugar ground  with rose petals

The glaze hardens but we didn't wait,   enjoyed  it warm with some butter.
I may try some of my
rose petal jelly between the layers in the morning.


  1. Hi Betsy, Your scones look wonderful. Yum! It's so nice to "meet" another Virginia blogger.

  2. Hi Betsy, this looks like the perfect breakfast treat or for that matter a nice afternoon tea treat. I will be making this.

    Happy New Year to you!

  3. Hi Betsy,

    Just stopping by to catch up on the few posts I missed. I'd never heard of rose petal sugar. The scones look delicious.

    Your Friend,


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