Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tangier Island

I love the snow, lately have been thinking about the beach and sand between my toes.  I want to go back to Tangier this summer and spend a night or two.  We last visited in 2006, so now it's time for another visit and eat some really great seafood.  The best crab cakes ever.   Can't wait to visit back and stay a night.  I wanted to share some pictures of it.

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Steve and I boarded a boat in Reedville Va. and took about a 2 hr. ride to the Charming Island.
After we got there we took a 20 minute tour of the island and listed to some history in a golf cart. We rented bikes to take around the island and beach.
There is a nice little beach on Tangier Island.  Last time I was there we practically had it to ourselves..
Never have I seen such beautiful sunsets.
 Gorgeous little island that sits in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, and is only accessable by boat or plane..  The size is about 1 mile wide and 3 miles long.   Tangier was visited by Capt. John Smith in 1608, and in the year 1620, settlers arrived from Cornwall, England.   I did pay attention to the locals converse with one another in their dialect  which I understood to be Elizabethan English.    I really couldn't understand to much of what they were saying. 
 There is one school for kindergarden through 12th grade, a post office and two grocery stores.   I remember the vegetables being so fresh and prices reasonable.
 We saw about 3 vehicles on the island,  no need for them really.   People are riding around in their golf cart, or bike.  I saw locals pull their golf carts up to this little landing at their property where they would charge the batteries.
Good food at several restaurants on the island.  A couple gft shops.  There is a museum that explains the island life and Tangiers role in the War of 1812.  
Tangier Island is "dry",  you can bring alcohol for personal use, but use discretion.  

school for K thru 12
we stayed here

The Methodist church on the island

I believe this is where we were getting ready to cross the bridge on our bikes, which we were told was the highest point on the island.

graves are in homeowners yards, not too many places to bury them.

yards and homes are kept neat.

will have to show some pics of the beautiful sunset tomorrow


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