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Monday, February 1, 2010


Didn't feel like getting out because of snow , so I stayed in and decided to make soap.   I would like to try to make soap from scratch using lye and whatever else the recipe calls for, but I am not that comfortable in using Lye right now,  maybe if I watch someone do it.   
 I tried  the easy way.   I had a few bars of Ivory in my cabinet so I grated 3 bars. I saw this somewhere in a book, can't remember but it works well and smells great.
I use a hand held grater, much easier to clean after grating soap.
I add some water to soften it to make it more pliable to mound along with a scent of your choice,  I used Lavender oil, Rose smells good too.
The 3 bars made 4 large balls of soap.  I didn't color it, but ya can if you want. I think they look like snowballs, perfect for this time of year.

I let them dry for one day before I use them.

My sister Donna, who just started a blog at
  makes scented Rose petal soap, smell soooo nice and looks pretty on my counter.  Here are the pics of some she gave me.


  1. Whoa, you made my soap look really pretty. I loved the potatoes you made..they looked really yummy. Also, I just didn't realize you were married in Feb. I was thinking August..I just didn't remember it being really cold. The cookies looked great. Wish I had one.

  2. In reply to Donna,- It hasn't been this snowy or cold in many moons.
    I love the rose petal soap and hope that you will make some extra to have on hand, because like I told you before, I would love to buy and give as gifts.

  3. I have made soap many years ago.... I’d save all the left over pieces that had gotten too small to handle properly.... I’m just trying to remember how I did it..... I know I grated them and added water maybe, then over a low heat combined the mixture.... putting it into a tray to set, then cut it up into squares.... the children always complained about it and I have to admit it looked a dreadful colour, so I soon gave up. Nothing so delicate and elegant as yours. Marion


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