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Friday, January 8, 2010

Special Birthday - no not Elvis

Born - wow, 38 years ago.  January 8th  is one of the 3 happiest days of my life, don't get me wrong, I have many happy days in my life, it's just that Annette, Derek and grandson Seth rate at the very top.   I did not post a picture of my son Derek on his b'day on December the 12th,  so I will post one of him now also.  Oh yeah, Elvis shares the same birthday with my daughter.  I have some pictures of Derek here when he was just a little guy, I will post some now that he is older in the next post.

some pics.
can hardly see her,  I remember when I used to take pictures and stand it seemed like a mile away .  I cropped this and it's a little better.

Annette in front , Derek to the left in red and blue sweater.

derek with Santa

Annette, me and seth at Royal Gorge in Colorado.   Anette's husband John was stationed there about 7 years ago.
John and Annette.

Happy Birthday Annette
I can't wait to come visit and see you ,John and Seths new home in Tn.


  1. I love this post! I remember when we would all get together and celebrate birthdays. You made the best cakes. Why did we stop celebrating birthdays together? Renew the tradition, lets celebrate the next birthday as a family!

  2. how sweet is that... what precious memories...made me want some birthday cake... my favorite food...
    Stay warm, Betsy,

  3. I am with Robin, We don't need presents but if someone want to bring a token gift so be it. A cake and a get together is simply good enough. The next birthday is Lynn's on the 25th, no wait Gina's is the 18th but I would think Gina would want to spend it with her kids and hubby. So I guess the next one is Lynn's, then Hunter, then Rachel,then Steve then Karl, then Jessica, Fred, Robin and Jamie within a two month period. Then Alex and Amy within a week (have to do that one together) Then me and Betsy, then Douglas and Mom, then Keith, then Derek and Wyatt. There I planned the whole year, and we start off a new year with Annette. (have to do her's at Christmas) I might have lost the hearing aids but I remember birthdays....

  4. Hello mom . love the pictures wow look at us back then. Where does time go. But it has been fun. i agree with robin and donna on the birthday get togethers.


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